About The S&A Resource Report

The S&A Resource Report, written by expert geologist Matt Badiali, is a monthly investment advisory that focuses on the best natural resource investments today.

Matt joined Stansberry & Associates in 2005 and has gone to great lengths to find the best energy and commodity-related investment ideas for his subscribers. His work has taken him to Papua New Guinea, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Texas, the Canadian Yukon, Haiti, Turkey, Nevada, Switzerland, and Kurdistan.

Every month, Matt uses this "boots on the ground" expertise and industry connections to recommend the most promising small oil and mineral explorers, drilling service providers, power companies, and the best gold and metals companies in the world.

Matt's approach has paid off big... In recent years, readers that took advantage of his research have seen gains of 335% in Silver Wheaton... 332% in Northern Dynasty Minerals... 269% on Silvercorp Metals... and 184% in ConocoPhillips, just to name a few.

That's probably why so many mining and energy industry veterans read the S&A Resource Report. As Gerald Wilson, director of an NYSE-listed exploration and production company told us, "Your letter, in many instances, has confirmed good ideas under consideration and at other times introduced new ideas, which have proven to be very profitable! I look forward to your report each month and find it extremely valuable."

As government money printing continues around the world, the energy and metals investment ideas Matt recommends in the S&A Resource Report, published on the first Wednesday each month, are some of the best places to make a lot of money in the next several years.


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